When it comes to diet, what comes to mind is suffering, deprivation, moodiness and days that cost the pass. Dieting, however, can not be that hard. Incidentally, it is possible to change habits and keep them as long as the transition is not abrupt, nor radical. How about setting a goal to change a bad habit a week?

If you have the habit of supplying chocolate uncontrollably every day, how about reducing this consumption gradually until it reaches 40 grams of dark chocolate per day allowed?

Reduce sweets

with increased consumption of sweets, taste and wanting to get used more and more sugar. Begin to slightly reduce their consumption, put fewer tablespoons of sugar helps the taste to reeducate. Juices, for example, can be consumed without sugar. But remember, the transition must be gradual. No use clog sweet milk, and the next day, cut everything. The chance of the habit of change go wrong that way is great

Eat slowly

there is probably an increase in fast rates throughout the world on Mondays, as is the international day of the beginning of the diet. Determination and focus are not lacking that day, and many drastically reduce the amount of food eaten, others only drink liquids and some more radical, to fast. On Friday, for example, the chance of all this determination has gone wrong is huge. After all, nobody can handle it for a long time and do much harm to health. Who wants to lose weight should make good choices and eat every three hours. Extreme diets are harmful to health, impair the metabolism and even the memory.

Drink water

some do not have the habit of drinking water. The body needs about two litres of fluid a day to work well. Teas, juices and water fill that need. Always have a water bottle on the desk and carry a can help increase consumption. Remember: if you engage in exercise, the need for water may increase, since liquids are eliminated through sweat.

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