The health of your scalp is extremely important for the health of your hair. When your scalp is not healthy, it will show in the texture and appearance of your hair. Unfortunately, there are many conditions that can cause your scalp to become unhealthy. Conditions like dandruff and lice can cause hair loss and can lower your hair’s protein levels, making it easier to break and become damaged. Instead of using a chemical-laden remedy for these conditions, it is best to choose one with all-natural ingredients. Through a coconut oil scalp treatment, your scalp will be healthier than ever before.

What Makes Coconut Oil So Beneficial to the Scalp?

Coconut oil contains many healthful nutrients and vitamins, which can dramatically improve the health of your scalp and hair. When you use coconut oil on the scalp, you will enrich your scalp with lauric acid. This fatty acid converts to monolaurin, once it is smoothed into your skin. Monolaurin has anti-microbial and anti-viral properties. It also has the ability to kill off parasites. These properties are important for killing bacteria in your scalp. By killing off any fungus and bacteria, your scalp will be healthy and able to provide the nourishment your hair follicles need, for sustained and healthy growth.

If you have a problem with lice or want to make sure you prevent it, there is no better treatment than coconut oil, since it is able to kill off the lice and soothe the itch and irritation you feel. It also works wonders for curing dandruff and preventing itching and flaking in your scalp. Through coconut oil for itchy scalp treatments, you will not only be taking care of the symptoms, but you will also be nourishing your hair from the inside out.

How Can You Treat Your Scalp With Coconut Oil?

When using coconut oil for scalp, the process is very easy. First, you need to make sure you place a generous amount of the oil in your hands. This oil is solid at room temperature but will begin to melt in your hands, from the heat of your skin. As it begins to melt, you simply need to begin rubbing it into your scalp, working in circular massage motions.

Take your time in deeply massaging the oil into your skin, so it can penetrate through the epidermis and into the dermis. You will love the feel and delightful aroma, as you massage your scalp. The oil will begin to stimulate your skin cells, for repair. It will also kill off any bacteria or fungal infections your scalp may have. This will get rid of those embarrassing dandruff and lice symptoms, so your scalp is truly healthy and able to feed your hair the nutrients it needs. Once you have massaged the oil deep into your scalp, make sure you rub some through your hair as well. With vitamins like vitamin E, vitamin K and iron, the coconut oil will deeply penetrate your hair and make it stronger and more moisturized. Pay special attention to your dry ends, as these are often the most damaged areas of your hair.

To ensure you get the best benefits from coconut oil on the scalp, it can be helpful to leave the oil on your hair overnight. To make the process less messy, secure your hair on the top of your head and then wear a shower cap, to prevent oil from getting on your pillow. Wearing the oil overnight and then shampooing your hair twice, will give you the best results from the treatment.

Helpful Tips for Purchasing the Best Coconut Oil for Your Hair

To get the best results, it is important you are using the best coconut oil. Unfortunately, not all products are created equal. Some manufacturers use chemicals to process the oil. This strips the coconut oil of its healthful benefits, so it is best to avoid these oil products.

To ensure you are getting the best type of coconut oil, purchase only cold-pressed virgin oil. This means the oil has never been treated with heat or chemicals, so it is able to retain all of its vitamins and nutrients. If at all possible, it is important you also make sure you purchase only organic oil, to avoid any pesticide chemicals in the product.

With coconut oil for dry scalp, your days of dealing with an itchy, dry and irritated scalp will be over. Not only will you see healthful benefits to your scalp area, but you will also begin to see major changes to the health and appearance of your hair. When used as a weekly treatment, your hair will begin to thrive and look shinier, smoother and healthier. You will also experience increased hair growth. With all of these benefits, you will be amazed at how coconut oil works to improve the condition of your scalp and hair.

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