This is the type most recommended diet to do in the winter since it is a time that comes with eating it because the body induces a person to consume more food so that it is broken and becomes a heat source for the body. There are several recipes for soup, and they all contribute in some way. And for each quantity that you wish to lose weight, there is a certain amount of time to accomplish this diet. For example, for those who want to lose weight a lot and in a week, meals for lunch and dinner should be replaced only by soup without the other meals are made in exaggerations.

So for those who want to lose weight too and prolong this diet for a month or more, it has the opportunity to vary the menu of soup, trading spices and vegetables daily. Thousands of people make the soup diet constantly and the fact is that thin, that because it replaces calorie meals and in winter is a source of extra heat, so the body does not need to seek food (hunger) to be broken and thus to heal the body . Now for those who have more time, and do not want to feel the need for other foods for 15 days gives to lose 3 kilos replacing dinner the soup every day, along with a balanced meal daily.

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