How Do People Celebrate Merry Christmas 2018 Around The World

By | November 9, 2018

There are many fireworks is done for Christmas world wide. Some fireworks show the written signs ‘Merry Christmas 2018’, ‘Merry Christmas’ etc. World wide people celebrate Christmas and New Year with a lot of lightening and fire works. Western European countries have some of the best fire works during Christmas which is a must see. Then comes the mickeys very Christmas party which has full lights and fire works which looks very beautiful.

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How do they Celebrate Merry Christmas in USA?

Christmas is celebrated with fervor in USA and on 25th December folks in USA observe it as federal holiday and time for celebration. Customs in USA is similar to those in UK, France etc. People prefer traditional meal during the Christmas time which is turkey or ham with cranberry sauce. Other eastern European families prefer turkey with trimmings, keilbasi which is polish sausage, cabbage dishes, soups, lasagna etc. They also decorate the Christmas tree with corn threads which is a must.

Decorating the Christmas tree is a must. Many people in USA decorate the Christmas tree with brilliant decoration works and hang chocolates and gifts. Every home in USA will have a Merry Christmas 2018 tree. They also believe in the concept of Santa Claus which comes and gives presents. Many folks in USA enjoy the Santa Claus stuff in which a man will come wearing the robe of Santa Claus and distributing gifts. This is very common and is followed in many places. Many people follow this tradition and the gifts are distributed. Children’s also enjoy the same.

How do they Celebrate Merry Christmas in UK?

According to the bible, the star helps the shepherds and three wise men in finding the way to the stable where joseph and Mary are there with their child Jesus. So stars and angels are very important as a symbolism. Nativity scene is much important in Christmas decorations. People in UK mostly prefer celebrating Christmas with designs and stars and lots of light work. As they regard Jesus as the light of the world.

Families in UK celebrate Merry Christmas 2018 together and exchange gifts. They decorate the Christmas tree together. The entire street in oxford is decorated with bigger lights. Many people in UK have their homes decorated with lights. It is a must see during the seasons as to how the lights are wonderfully placed and decorated. The entire street lanes are alighted with beautiful led lights and running lights which make each home look so nice.

How do they Celebrate Merry Christmas in Vietnam?

People in Vietnam celebrate the Christmas Eve with fervor and the Merry Christmas Eve is more important to them. The young ones go in the city center cathedral were the crib is decorated. People like to go for midnight mass service. The place is influenced by the French empire. Folks in Vietnam celebrate by throwing confetti, taking pictures of Jesus in the crib. They enjoy the Christmas decorations and see the light works in big motels and stores and homes.

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The major sightings in Vietnam are the streets, motels and cathedrals which are decorated beautifully with bright lights and fireworks. This is one of the must see. People in Vietnam decorate and celebrate the Christmas in such a fashion. They mostly enjoy seeing the lightings and the crib in the cathedral.

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