Intensive training to burn fat faster and more efficient. This is the HIIT workouts. Learn all about it and check out the best training method based on the HIIT!

Many people who want to lose weight choose the aerobic exercises. This race day or even cycling is suitable for health and fat burning. But the training method gaining many fans due to its intensity and fast results. We’re talking about HIIT workouts. The training of HIIT (high-intensity interval training or high-intensity interval training) consists of a routine aerobic exercise performed with the maximum intensity and in short periods, exercises and moments of rest interspersed with low intensity.

The main objective of HIIT Training is more fat in less time burning. And this is possible because the high intensity exercises the post-exercise oxygen consumption increase. Training ‘for real’, the body will take longer to run back to their normal state and during this time of the metabolism. In this way, the body stops burning calories for the next 24 hours.

The HIIT training ensures faster results than the traditional aerobics

This type of exercise to burn your muscles work during calories. In this way, you will get not only a belly high but also larger muscles and defined. Women can easily the flat belly, thighs and buttocks turned crisp and tänzelnden. Thanks to this powerful training method. Many Academy coaches and staff are trainers specializing in this type of training their students to offer. You use several including whose knowledge I create videos with high-intensity exercises for people who lose weight at home (as we shall see later).

Training focuses on HIIT are increasingly gaining space in Brazil and in the world because of his: and efficiency and the traditional heart are again left. Due to lack of time, tight schedule, or even impatience, people want quick results. And find the HIIT the solution for that. Virtually every exercise of the HIIT Training is done in a few minutes. You are based on aerobic exercise and can be made with or without equipment.

Experts in HIIT Vinícius Possebon create interval training and routines with only a few minutes, quickly to specific goals such as losing weight, win or place the muscles. You want to see how well prepared and HIIT workout that really works? So you see in the video below a quick exercise by Vinícius Possebon presented. He relied on in 48 hours of Vinícius training on weight reduction and body contouring burn method:

Based on the method of high-intensity interval training, fitness world specialists develop exercise routines and weight loss programs in videos for people who want to quickly lose body weight and shape aligned. And has already some time ago the method gain much prominence: the burning of 48 hours.

What happens with the body after HIIT workout?

After the workout, even if very intense, the body continues to burn fat, the next 24 hours. Already prepared by Vinícius Possebon do exercises the body continue to burn fat for the next 48 hours. It has been proven scientifically.

The Vini used all their knowledge and their experience, I create a real “golf course, to lose weight fast! His method of teaching was developed especially for ordinary people, who have little time and want to lose weight and change body at home. Only 15 minutes of exercise is equivalent to 2 hours a day in the gym. And the most amazing thing: with the Q48, it is possible to obtain results of 1 year Academy in only 8 weeks or less!

An absolutely incredible method to lose weight quickly with only a few minutes to do exercises at home or in the gym. To lose weight fast and healthy will want to (a) by investing in something that actually works? Would you really? You need to know the Q48!

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