If the Green juice is still the favourite among the people, health and in good shape, in Europe and the United States, he has a different colour: pink. The Beet juice with orange became known as pink juice because of its colour and gaining many “fans” due to its many health benefits.

Just like with green, pink juice WINS variations among its ingredients. But the basis is always the beets. And the most commonly used combination is really the Beet juice with orange.

Benefits of beet juice with orange

With a red tint (and very nice, by the way) the beet juice with orange popular after the publication of a study, which shows that the pink juice within 10% physical performance, aid in improved in muscle recovery post physical activities such as weight training.

The great “guilty” for this purpose is the nitric oxide in beets, a substance, lowers blood pressure and strengthens the body’s resistance. Dilatation caused by nitric oxide improves, especially after the training the absorption of nutrients by the body. And in combination with vitamin C from Orange provides for the fight against free radicals produced in physical activity (the muscle aches are responsible for).

In addition, the drink is rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory effect, helps in weight loss, fight against cellulite, premature ageing, and also improve the immunity of the organism. As with any healthy drink, this is not all wonderful. Always the best choice, maintain a healthy diet and movement practice will be to keep healthy and fit. The consumption of beets with orange juice must be in this context.

The drink has very few calories and should be prepared with raw beets to ensure its benefits. It can be consumed at any time, and for those who want a better performance against the practice to ensure, the tip is to consume 2 hours of the daily activity. The notification is only for those who are diabetic because the concentration of sugar from sugar beet and orange is high. In case of doubt, ask your doctor to know if you can consume. Then we let the breath of beet juice recipe with orange, you improve your immunity and calories to you burn more energy (in particular for the practice). And if regularly consumed, he will still fight cellulite and ageing.

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