Acne continues to be a critical problem for most people who is conscious about their looks and appearance irrespective of age. The general strategy of its treatment is to search for the acne removal skin creams or face wash as well as associated kinds found at the stores or maybe even medication. But it is not known by many individuals that banana peel could help you to cure acne pimples.

How banana peel can help to cure acne?

Banana peels can not only aid in stopping acne but also it helps in healing other skin ailments like psoriasis, warts or, poison ivy. The reason being banana peels consist of Lutein which is an antioxidant and also has plenty of potassium that makes the peel rich in therapeutic properties.

It is not a very hard process to use the banana peel to treat acne breakouts if these types of simple steps are put into practice. After having the banana only the peel of it has to be preserved. Ensure that the peel is yellow and blackish rather than green and black patches, as there is absolutely no proof if the green peels would do anything good to cure acne.

How to apply banana peel on acne?

The white-coloured or creamish inside part of the banana peel must be massaged on the affected part of the skin or the reddish spot of acne. It must be massaged till the white part evolves into the dark in colour possibly due to the dirt gathered on the skin. When the peel turns dark, replace it by yet another chunk of peel and continue the similar massage for 10-20 minutes.

After completing the 10 minutes massage on the acne bear in mind not to wash the face immediately, as washing the face may wash off the ingredients of the peel which if stay on the skin surface help in the curing process of acne. For that reason, the face can be cleaned maybe before going to sleep.

This procedure must be done for several days goji cream amazon. Normally the impact may be seen after 1 or 2 days itself. The red-coloured acne might seem to be of the similar colour of the skin which means the infection has decreased. It is very essential to maintain germ-free conditions while following this process, like face ought to be washed appropriately before rubbing the banana peel on the skin surface area and make sure to switch the peel when the white part of it goes black due to constant massage on the skin. This helps in reducing the threat of adverse microbial activity.

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